About Us

Patrick Roedl smiling for the cameraMy name is Patrick Roedl and I'm the owner of ClearView Window Cleaning & Tinting, Inc.

I've been able to develop a loyal following of residential window cleaning customers due to a high demand for clean glass and proper care for the customer.

I was born and raised in Effingham, Illinois and graduated from Effingham High School. After high school and being unsure of my career path, I stayed in Effingham.

In 1995, my uncle hired me part-time to help with his glass company. A short time later, I was hired full-time and was employed 18 years with Dan's Glass & Tinting in Effingham. This employment was valuable to me as a learning experience, shaping me into an expert of glass & tinting work as well as high quality customer service.

I became aware of the need for high quality window cleaners in 2011 through glass and tinting work. Being highly experienced with window tinting, window cleaning was a clear fit for me.

In August 2013, ClearView bought Dan's window tinting business.

Making the transition to window cleaning was easy based on the fact that my research told me two things:

  • People are looking for professional, trustworthy, customer-oriented window washers who believe in doing quality work.
  • There aren't too many of those kind of window washers around.

So Clearview Window Cleaning & Tinting, Inc. was born. I look forward to growing the business by providing top quality window cleaning, and a true belief in providing outstanding customer service.

I continue to receive numerous referrals from satisfied customers, so I guess something is working.

That's my story. Hopefully we'll see each other soon and you can tell me yours.